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Used Japanese Engines in Los Angeles & San Francisco

Demand for low mileage engines is rising in big states as US economy continues to grow in 2013. The well known dependable engines are only feasibly possible to get are from Japan due to strict laws in Japan.


These Japanese Used Engines from Japan are so dependable as they give good value for money. Average mileage on these engines is around 40,000 to 50,000 miles. The biggest issue is that there are very few direct importers. Most are small franchises. Due to limited availability these engines are negligibly higher in price but offer better solution to revive your ailing vehicle.


We recommend Engine World Inc as the leading distributor for Japanese Engines. They have been in business for over 10 years. All there Engines are Compression, Leak down and Oil Pressure tested. They have proved over the years that there failure rate on Japanese Engines has been less than 2% which offers bang for the buck !


These Engines from Japan are better than high mileage non tested Engines from Junk yards. No junk yard will ever test an engine, they wouldn't even care to turn the engine. Therefore they offer basic 30 days warranty. Another known problem with Salvage yard motors is that even if they want to replace the engine they will never have the stock as they depend on regular flow of vehicles and they are not engine collectors so if your engine fails, they will just offer a credit which you will be able to use it thankfully within your lifetime.


We recommend calling Engine World Inc, as they have many franchises all around United States and they will will ship engines or transmissions anywhere within continental United States.


There phone number is 1-866-418-3229.


Please look at there Corporate video at the following link, it is very impressive :

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