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Ford 6.4 ltr Power Stroke engine for Ford F250, F350, F450 for sale

Our thurst to grow and add new products to our inventory led us to build our first Ford 6.4 ltr Ford power stroke diesel engine in January 2016. This was a deviation from our normal course of business specializing in Japanese engines. Ford 6.4 ltr diesel Power Stroke engine for Ford F250, F350, F450 has been a winner for us. Every year since 2013 our sales of Re-manufactured engines has gone up reaching an all time high of 40% of our total engine sales in 2016. We took advantage of our skills, high-tech machine shop equipment and experienced technicians to add another line of production dedicated to building Ford diesel Power Stroke engines.

Ford 6.4 ltr engine was the first non-Japanese brand engine built by our Engine-Rebuilding team in January of 2016 which has been a huge success. Our regular customers are ecstatic to hear about the availability of Ford 6.4 ltr engines.

About Ford 6.4 ltr Power Stroke diesel engines:

The 6.4 ltr Ford Power Stroke engine was introduced in 2008 for Ford F250, F350 & F450 trucks. This engine was built by Ford to compensate for shortcomings of Ford 6.0 ltr engine. Ford 6.4 was built to comply with stricter emission laws and was supposed to be quieter and cleaner. This engine has dual Turbo chargers. This was the first Power Stroke engine with diesel particulate filter known as "DPF" which supposed to be more effective to eliminate emissions.


Ford 6.4 ltr engine came in till 2010 which was replaced by Ford 6.7 ltr engine. This engine had a DPS system which which was not proved to be effective for fuel economy.

The engine had 19 mm bore & 105 mm stroke with a total displacement of 6.3 Ltr. This engine had higher torque of 650 lb.ft and higher hp of 350 hp. Horse power and Torque was close to 3000 rpm and 2000 rpm. It had a newer turbo system where air enters into low pressure Turbo and fed into high pressure Turbo which is then directed into intercooler. This is called "compound VGT Turbo"

This was designed to reduce Turbo lag upon acceleration & provide better throttle response which makes power flow more like naturally aspirated engine. The DPF and EGR cooler considerably reduces exhaust gases. DPF was designed to trap soot and particulates from exhaust and eliminates black smoke.

Our Rebuilt Ford Power Stroke 6.4 ltr engines have following new components:

- Brand New Cylinder heads with new Intake & Exhaust Valves, Valve stem seals, injector cups, valve springs.
- Pistons
- Piston rings
- Main / rod bearings
- Head gasket
- Reconditioned connecting rods.

Engine includes gasket set.




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