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Nissan K25 & K21 Forklift engine for sale

Nissan K25 & K21 is a very versitale Japanese engine that is found in Caterpillar, Nissan, Kalmar, Mitsubishi, TCM forklifts.

We sell rebuilt Nissan K25 & K21 engine. We build our engine with new pistons, piston rings, main bearings, rod bearings, rebuilt cylinder head and gaskets. Cylinder block is machined & honed and cylinder head is pressure tested and resurfaced.

Nissan K25 & K21 is found in several Japanese forklift brands. Please see a general list of forklifts that use K25 & K21 engines.

We have the largest selection of rebuilt Nissan K21 & K25 engines in the market.


C3000 K21 Engine 2004-2009C30AX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG10-20 K15 Engine 2004-2009FG15ZN K15 Engine 2004-2009CL30 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG15-4 K21 Engine 2007-2009
C3500 K21 Engine 2004-2009C35AX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG15-20 K15 Engine 2004-2009FG18N K21 Engine 2004-2009CL35 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG15T-3 K21 Engine 2004-2007
C4000 K25 Engine 2004-2009C35BX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG18-20 K15 Engine 2004-2009FG18ZN K15 Engine 2004-2009CL40 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG18T-3 K21 Engine 2004-2009
C5000 K25 Engine 2004-2009C40BX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG18HT-20 K21 Engine 2007-2009FG20N-HO K25 Engine 2007-2009CL50 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG20-4 K21 Engine 2007-2009
C5500 K25 Engine 2004-2009C50BX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG18SHT-17 K21 Engine 2004-2006FG25N K21 Engine 2004-2009CL55 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG20-4H K25 Engine 2007-2009
C6500 K25 Engine 2004-2009C60BXH K25 Engine 2001-2005FG18SHT-20 K21 Engine 2007-2009FG25N-HO K25 Engine 2007-2009CL60 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG20T-3 K21 Engine 2004-2007
CC4000 K21 Engine 2004-2009P30AX K21 Engine 2001-2005FC20C-14 K21 Engine 2004-2006FG28HT-16 K25 Engine 2006-2009CL70 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG25-4 K21 Engine 2007-2009
P4000 K25 Engine 2004-2009P35AX K21 Engine 2001-2005FC20C-16 K21 Engine 2007-2009FG28SHT-16 K25 Engine 2006-2009CL80 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG25-4H K25 Engine 2007-2009
P5000 K25 Engine 2004-2009P40BX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG15HT-17 K21 Engine 2004-2006FG30HT-14 K25 Engine 2004-2005CLS40 K21 Engine 2004-2006FCG25H-3 K25 Engine 2004-2007
P5500 K25 Engine 2004-2009P50BX K21 Engine 2001-2005FG15HT-20 K21 Engine 2007-2009FG30SHT-16 K25 Engine 2006-2009CLS60 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG25T-3 K21 Engine 2004-2007
P6000 K25 Engine 2004-2009P60BXH K25 Engine 2001-2005FG15N K21 Engine 2004-2009FG33N K25 Engine 2004-2009CLS65 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG28T K25 Engine 2001-2009
P6500 K25 Engine 2004-2009 FG15SHT-17 K21 Engine 2004-2006FGC15N K21 Engine 2004-2009CLU40 K25 Engine 2004-2006FCG36T-8 K25 Engine 2004-2009
PCC4000 K21 Engine 2004-2009 FG15SHT-20 K21 Engine 2007-2009FGC18N K21 Engine 2004-2009CLU50 K25 Engine 2004-2006FG15C-13 K15 Engine 2004-2009
PC3000 K21 Engine 2004-2009 FG18HT-17 K21 Engine 2004-2006FGC20CN K21 Engine 2004-2009CLU55 K25 Engine 2004-2006FG15T-13 K15 Engine 2004-2009
PC3500 K21 Engine 2004-2009 FG20SHT-14 K21 Engine 2004-2006FGC20N K21 Engine 2004-2009L01 K15 Engine 2004-2009FG18C-13 K15 Engine 2004-2009
  FG20SHT-16 K21 Engine 2004-2006FG20N K21 Engine 2004-2009L01 K21 Engine 2004-2009FG18T-13 K15 Engine 2004-2009
  FG25C-14 K21 Engine 2004-2005FGC20N K25 Engine 2007-2009L02 K21 Engine 2004-2009FHG15T-3 K21 Engine 2007-2009
  FG25SHT-14 K21 Engine 2004-2006FGC25N K21 Engine 2004-2009L02 K25 Engine 2004-2009FHG15T-9 K21 Engine 2004-2007
  FG25T-14 K21 Engine 2006-2009FGC25N-HO K25 Engine 2007-2009AL30 K21 Engine 2004-2006FHG18T-3 K21 Engine 2007-2009
  FG30C-14 K21 Engine 2004-2005FGC25NR K21 Engine 2004-2009AL35 K21 Engine 2004-2006FHG18T-9 K21 Engine 2004-2007
  FG32HT-16 K25 Engine 2006-2009FGC28N K25 Engine 2004-2009AL50 K21 Engine 2004-2006FHG20T-3 K25 Engine 2007-2009
  FG32SHT-16 K25 Engine 2006-2009FGC30N K25 Engine 2004-2009PL30 K21 Engine 2004-2006FHG25T-3 K25 Engine 2007-2009
   FGC33N K25 Engine 2004-2009PL35 K21 Engine 2004-2006FHG30T-3 K25 Engine 2007-2009
   FGC30N K25 Engine 2004-2009PL50 K21 Engine 2004-2006 
   FGC33N K25 Engine 2004-2009PL55 K21 Engine 2004-2006 
    PL55 K25 Engine 2004-2006 
    PL60 K25 Engine 2004-2006 
    PL70 K25 Engine 2004-2006 
    PLU40 K25 Engine 2004-2006 
    PLU50 K25 Engine 2004-2006 


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