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List of famous Japanese engines we carry

Engine World has always focused on dependable engines imported from Japan. Since the inception of our Corporation in Houston in 2004 we have focused on ways to make available engines and transmissions that surpass expectations of our customers. Ten years down the road we built our business selling trustworthy product. Our team in Japan has constantly worked with us to ensure good quality product and has played a key role in shipping list of Japanese engines we need on monthly basis to survive in U.S market. Availability of key engines is very important for our business.


Here is a list of most famous Japanese engines we focused on in 2014.


1. Honda D15B VTEC engine replacement for USDM Honda D16Y8 for 1996-2000 Honda Civic EX & HX.


2. Toyota Camry engine 3SFE for USDM replacement 5SFE for 1990-2001 Camry.


3. Toyota Camry engine 2AZ FE 2.4 ltr 4 cylinder engine for 2002-2012 Camry, Solara, Highlander, Scion TC & Scion Xb.


4. Honda D17A Vtec engine for 2001-2007 Honda Civic EX & HX.


5. Toyota 5VZ FE V6 3.4 ltr engine for 1996-2004 Toyota Tundra, Tacoma & 4Runner.


6. Toyota 3RZ FE 4 cylinder 2.7 ltr engine for 1996-2004 Toyota T100, Tundra, Tacoma & 4Runner.


7. Honda Accord F23A vtec 2.4 ltr engine for 1998-2002 Honda Accord.


8. Honda J35A engine for 1998-2006 Honda Odyssey.


9. Toyota 1MZ FE V6 engine for 1994-2002 Toyota Carmy, Lexus RX300, Toyota Solara & Toyota Sienna.


10. Honda D15B or ZC S.O.H.C engine for 1988-1995 Honda Civic.


Above mentiond engines have been the lifeline of our business. Our Japan office did a great job to help our shelves stocked with vital engines and transmissions.


Please check our website on regular basis for latest inventory. Please fill out  a price request form from the following link and we will respond within an hour with a price quote.


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