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Toyota Tacoma 05-08 2.7 LTR Replacement Engine

2002-2014 Toyota Camry, Scion Tc, Highlander rebuilt engine 2AZ FE

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  • B20B, Acura, ACURA INTEGRA
    Disp :2
    Year :1994-2001
Honda B20B Japanese replacement engine for Acura Integra.


    Disp :1.8
    Year :2000-2004
Toyota 1ZZ FE JDM engine for Toyota Celica GT & Toyota Corolla for sale.


  • 2AZ FE, Toyota, TOYOTA CAMRY
    Toyota, TOYOTA CAMRY
    Disp :2.4
    Year :2003-2009
This is our most famous Japanese rebuilt engine for Toyota Camry, Highlander & Scion Tc.


  • K24A, Honda, HONDA CRV
    Honda, HONDA CRV
    Disp :2.4
    Year :2002-2006
Honda K24A JDM engine for 2002-2007 Honda CRV & Honda Element.


  • D15B, Honda, HONDA CIVIC
    Honda, HONDA CIVIC
    Disp :1.5
    Year :1996-1998
Honda D15B Vtec Japanaese engine replacement for USDM D16Y8 engine for EX & HX grade Honda Civic.

Low Mileage Honda Engines from Japan. JDM Honda Engines


Please select Honda Engines model from the drop down box.


We are very proud of our huge stock of Used Honda Engines. It is difficult to survive in US market without a good stock of Used Honda Motors.


We carry Used Honda Motors for following Honda models:


1988-2012 Honda Civic Engine for LX, DX, EX, HX  Grade Civics. Both Vtec & non vtecs.

1988-1995 Honda CRX Engine all JDM D15B models

1988-2012 Honda Accord Engine for LX, DX, EX, SE grade Accords. Both vtec & non vtec

1992-1997 Honda Del Sol engine. We carry all Vtec Sohc, Vtec Dohc & Non vtec engines.

1997-20012 Honda CRV engine. We carry B20B & KA24 engines iVtec.

2001-2011 Honda Element engine. We carry the whole range J35A Vtec engine for Honda Element.

2007-2012 Honda Fit Engine. We carry L15A vtec engine, late and newer models.

2000-20011 Honda Insight Engine. We carry all Hybrid versions from year 2000 for Honda Insight.


1994-2012 Honda Odyssey Engine. We carry the whole range of F22B, F23A vtec & J35A engines for Honda Odyssey.


1996-1998 Honda Passport Engine. We carry 6VD1 Dohc engines for Passport.

2002-2012 Honda Pilot engine. We carry the whole range of Honda Pilot engines.


1988-2001 Honda Prelude Engine. We carry F22A Sohc, H23A Dohc non vtec, Japanese H23A Vtec high hp engine for Prelude & H22A Vtec engine.


1999-2009 Honda S2000 Engine. We generally carry Re-manufactured F20C & F22C engines.

2005-2012 Honda Ridgeline engine. We carry the whole range of these Ridgeline motors.

2011-2013 Honda CR-Z Engine. Although they are new but we still carry them.

2011-2013 Honda Crosstour engine

1988-2005 Honda Acty Japanese Mini truck engines. These are difficult to find Japanese Mini truck motors from Japan. We have a wide range of Honda Acty engines / motors in stock.


Honda is a very famous car maker, very few people can lay their hands on good Honda Engines, we feel so privileged to be able to import 100 units each month. Our Inventory is our asset. We have all models of JDM Honda Engines in stock at any given point of time.


In 2012 our best selling item has been Honda Civic EX / HX grade D16Y8 for 1996-2000. At this moment we have about 25 of these engines in stock, up for grabs !


We ship used Honda motors nationwide. We used carriers like R & L, SAIA, Road Runner etc to ship our Honda engines. Our Used Honda Motors are the best you can find because they are carefully selected.


We have a very diverse inventory of Used Honda Engines which are fully tested according to our corporate testing procedure we pioneered 15 years back. Our Quality & Price is unbeatable !

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