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Questionnaire to resolve warranty issues with Japanese engines sold

In order to resolve warranty issues fairly we require our customers to provide answers in detail to following questions. Japanese Engines are low mileage and engines we ship are tested but in case of an unlikely event where you experience technical issues with the engine, please email response to following questions as soon as possible.

Name of the customer

Name of person preparing this report

Name of the mechanic at a repair shop who installed the engine

Name of the Repair shop where engine was installed

Phone number of mechanic or repair shop where engine was installed

Was the mechanic ASE Certified ? or did the customer make an effor to find out that the mechanic had enough experience installing the engine he installed ? Please provide detailed proof of certification.

Date of installation

Date when problem was first noiced

List of all brand new tune up components that were installed as agreed to our warranty. We need to see proof of purchase of these components. Must be acutal vendor's receipt.

Was the heater core flushed ?

Were radiator hoses replaced ?

Was cooling system purged to ensure there were no water pockets ?

Was oil pump new ? ( If yes, provide vendor receipt)

If claim is for a diesel engine, was diesel filter replaced ? ( If yes, provide vendor receipt )

Was EGR on diese engine eliminated or replaced ?

Was Turbo or Supercharger new or reused ?

Were all injectors replaced on diesel engine ? or if only some were replaced, please explain the reasons in detail.

Was all work done by one mechanic ?

Was the vehicle moved from main installation location and moved to the another mechanic ?

When was the problem first noticed ?

How long or how many miles did the vehicle run before problem was noticed ?

What steps were take after problem was noticed ? For example, did the mechanic try to resort to additional diagnostics ?

How long or how many miles was the vehicle driven after the problem was first noticed ?

Did you hear any knocking from the engine ? If yes, from top or bottom ? How long was it driven in spite of finding about vehicle knocking ?


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