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Low mileage Toyota Engines is our speciality !

We carry a huge stock of Toyota Engines. Toyota has many models and if we try to carry 10-15 units of each model, it becomes over 150 Toyota Motors that we import from Japan. 

Here is a general list of Used Toyota Motors we carry. If you click the drop down, you will be able to select model specific list of engines for each Toyota model:

1985-1995 Toyota 4Runner engine 4 cylinder. This is 22R. We carry Brand New 22R for this model.

1988-1995 Toyota 4Runner engine (V6) 3VZ F. We mostly sell Re-manufactured engines for this model.

1994-2012 Toyota Avalon engine. We carry the whole range of 1MZ both VVTi & Non VVTi and also 3MZ FE.

1988-2012 Toyota Camry engine. Used Camry motors from Japan are top sellers. We carry the whole range of Toyota Camry engines like 3SFE, 5SFE, 1MZ, 1MZ VVTI, 2AZ VVTI etc. Select the Toyota Camry drop down above to find your Toyota Camry motor.

1988-2006 Toyota Celica engine. We carry the whole range from 5A FE, 3SFE, 1ZZ FE & 2AA FE. Select the drop down to find the right Toyota Celica motor.

1988-2012 Toyota Corolla engine. This is another famous model. We carry the whole range of Toyota Corolla engines like 5A FE & 1ZZ FE both VVTi & Non VVTi.

1988-1992 Toyota Cressida engine. We carry 7MGE engine for Toyota Cressida.

1998-2005 Toyota Echo engine or Toyota Yaris Engine. We carry 1NZ FE for this model.

2000-2013 Toyota Highlander engine. We carry the whole range of Toyota Highlander engines. The most popular Highlander engine is 1MZ VVTI & 2AZ FE.

1990-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser engine. This is the hardest to find but we carry the whole range of Toyota Land Cruiser engines.

2000-2012 Toyota Matrix engine. We carry all Toyota Matrix engines. We are proud of our stock of Toyota 1ZZ FE VVTi engines for Matrix.

1988-2007 Toyota MR2 engine. We also have Toyota 1ZZ FE engine for Toyota MR2 Spyder. Toyota MR2 Spyder motors are difficult to find but we try to get 5-10 units every month.

1992-1996 Toyota Paseo engine. We always have 5E FE & 5E FHE for Toyota Paseo.

1990-2000 Toyota Previa engine. We carry both Supercharged & Non Supercharged 2TZ FE engine for Toyota Previa.

1999-2012 Toyota Prius engine. We have all Hybrid 1NZ FXE engines for Toyota Prius.

1996-2012 Toyota Rav4 engine. We carry the whole range of Toyota Rav4 motors. 3SFE is the most popular. We carry both 2WD & 4WD versions.

2000-2012 Toyota Sequoia engine. We carry 2UZ & 1GR engines for Toyota Sequoia.

1997-2012 Toyota Sienna engine. We always have 1MZ FE both vvti & non vvti engine for Sienna, also 3MZ, 2GR FE motors are always in stock.

1998-2009 Toyota Solara engine. We carry Toyota 3SFE, 1MZ FE, 2AZ FE & 1MZ VVTI engine for Toyota Solara.

1988-2002 Toyota Supra engine. Toyota Supra engines 2JZ GTE, 7MGTE & 7MGE are always in stock.

1993-1998 Toyota T100 engine. Our stock consists of 5VZ FE, 3RZ FE & 2RZ FE engines for Toyota T100.

1995-2012 Toyota Tacoma engine. Tacoma motors are hard to find but we have the whole range of Toyota Tacoma engines like 3RZ



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