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Toyota 4Y Forklift engine for sale !

We have been selling low mileage Japanese engines for over a decade. Our aim since 2013 has been to offer Japanese engines for all industrial applications.

Toyota 4Y brand new engine is our new product. Toyota 4Y engine fits in several Toyota Forklift models. Here is a brief list of Toyota forklifts that use Toyota 4Y engine:


TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU1595-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU1895-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU1895-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU2095-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU2095-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU2595-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU2595-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU3095-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks6FGCU3095-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG1598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG1898-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG2098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG2398-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG2598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG2898-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FG3098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCS3298-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU1598-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU1598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU1898-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU1898-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU2098-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU2098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU2598-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU2598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU3098-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU3098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU3298-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGCU3298-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGJ3598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGK2098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGK2598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGK3098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU1598-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU1598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU1898-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU1898-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU2098-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU2098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU2598-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU2598-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3098-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3098-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3298-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3298-On4Y Engine
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3598-On3.0L - 181ci
TOYOTALift Trucks7FGU3598-On4Y Engine


Toyota 4Y engine we offer is 100% brand new with all new internal and external components. Cylinder head and cylinder block is also brand new. Please call 1-866-418-3229 if you have any further questions.

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