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Why used Toyota Camry 2AZ FE engines don't last long

Toyota 2AZ FE is a very popular Toyota engine that fits Toyota Camry, Solara, Rav4, Scion Tc, Scion Xb, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Highlander and Pontiac Vibe.


There is so much misleading information on the internet but the main reason of failure of this engine is the aftermath of poor block design where the threads for head bolts strip that leads to symtoms of overheating due to leaking coolant and loose head bolts. This is the reason why used Toyota 2AZ FE engines don't last long and most people end up wasting their hard-earned money.


In 2013 we figured out a solution to this problem. Since we are the leading importers of low mileage Japanese used engines we felt the need to figure out the solution to this problem as soon as possibe.


We have a full fledged machine shop so we put our experienced techs to work. We figured out a solution that resolved the inherent defect. In order to resolve this issue we decided to start selling strictly re-manufactured Toyota 2AZ FE engines. The most important process before rebuilding this engine was to re-thread the holes on the block for bigger, thicker and more rebust head bolts. This was a very tough task to figure out the right kind of the bolt and we would have not been able to achieve it without our machine-shop equipment.


Therefore our Toyota 2AZ FE rebuilt engine is a sheer hit in the market as we are the only ones who sell 2AZ FE engine that lasts longer and free of defect. We use high quality oem components to ensure quality.


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