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Ultra 5 Test

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What is our Ultra-5 Test ?
Each Engine goes through a comprehensive testing procedure, we call it Ultra-5 Test. Our Ultra-5 Test is a rigorous testing procedure that have pioneered over the years. This test involves 5 steps. Please read about the 5 tests in detail below:
1. Compression Test :
When we receive the container each & every engine is compression tested. To measure the cylinder pressure, we take out the spark plug, connect a pressure gauge to the cylinder & the engine is turned with the help of a battery starter connected to the starter motor of the engine. Cylinder pressure is measured as pounds per square inch (psi) The cylinder pressure (psi) difference between all 4 cylinders or 6 cylinders (incase of a V6 engine) must not be more than 10% . Compression is like blood pressure in human body. If Compression of each cylinder is not normal it means that cylinder is bad and needs repair.
2. Leak Down Test :
All our Japanese engines are leak down tested to check leaks between the cylinder head and the block and to find out if the head gasket is worn out. Worn out head gasket is generally sign of an overheated engine that may be the result of faulty cooling system or defective thermostat, water pump, broken radiator hoses or defective Radiator. We don't ship engines that fail the Leak Down test.
3. Oil Pressure:
Proper oil pressure in a used engine is great indicator of condition of the Oil Pump. Certainly an engine cannot be shipped with poor oil pressure. We use an Oil Pressure gauge to check the oil pressure and if required we ship the engine with another oil pump that has good oil pressure.
4. Sludge Check:
We also check the engine for sludge. Sludge means “ Oil build-up gunk ” which blocks the passages, which acts like cholestrol in human body. We open the valve cover to see any possible traces of sludge. Sludge build up occurs when Engine  Oil is not changed regularly within the time limit recommended by the manufacturer. We don't ship engines that have sludge.
5. Final Overall Inspection:
The block is carefully inspected for cracks. Brackets for alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor etc are checked if they are not chipped or cracked All external components are carefully removed from the engine and all openings are sealed so the engine can be steam washed for shipment.

Just like an experienced doctor we use our expertise to test every mechanical  aspect of our Used Engines before shipment. This is a task that requires great deal of experience, knowledge, patience and the most importantly "Time" . Therefore time we spend testing each item is intangible and can only be felt by our customers when our Engines keep their vehicle on the road for long.
We believe in the fact that even low mileage engines & transmissions can fail because it is quite possible that the previous owner did not change Engine Oil or Transmission fluid regularly within the manufacturer recommended time limit which can be the cause of early failure which can only be detected if they are carefully tested.
This is our formula of success: Low Mileage + Carefully Tested =