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This is how our Japanese engine must be installed

How to install our Japanese engines

We strive to import low mileage engines from Japan but it is impertive for all our customers to ensure all wear and tear components are brand new in order for the engine to run smoothly. Wear and tear components are known as maintenance components. Following is a list of wear and tear components:

- Air filter
- Oil Filter
- Thermostat
- Water pump
- Oil pump
- Radiator
- Spark Plugs
- Fuel Pump
- Oil pressure relieve valve/regulator
- Timing belt
- Engine oil
- Rear and Front main seal
- Intake manifold gaskets
- Exhaust manifold gaskets
- Timing belt hydraulic tensioner
- oil pan gasket
- PCV valve
- All hoses and belts
- Distributor cap & rotor
- Spark plug wires

We recommend installing new maintenance components mentioned above in order to keep our warranty valid. If engine has thermo-sensor then it must be replaced from old engine. In case of rebuilt engine replacing with new timing kit is recommended. As far as radiator is concerned we recommend buying a new radiator if it has never been replaced otherwise extensive rod-out service at a radiator shop is required.

All Japanese engines we import from Japan are extensively tested for compression, leak down & oil pressure but replacing components mentioned above will ensure a long-lasting engine.

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