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Natural Gas engines

Engine World USA now offers CNG & LPG conversion kits for Ford F150 trucks, E series vans, GMC pickups, Toyota Camry hybrids.


Our LPG injection system known as Direct Liquimax system is the latest engine breakthrough for gasoline vehicles using direct fuel injection. This innovation helps large fleets take advantage of lower LPG fuel costs and lower emissions. Our LPG injection system works effectively without losing vehicle performance with an option to start the vehicle using LPG. We have successfully converted SUVs and Ford F250, F350 trucks that uses diesel fuel to use dual fuel. This is a complex diesel to LPG system installed  beside engine management system. This system communicates with ECU to ensure automatic injection through automated  system via ECU.


We love Japanese technology so used equipment from Keihin Corporation out of Japan to make this possible. Our system is suitable for both LPG & CNG applications. These conversions comply with EPA & California CARB regulations.


Since we have an in-house machine shop we also sell remanufactured Cummins natural gas 8.9 ltr ISL G engines. This engine is known for net-zero Nox emissions.


We offer dedicated, Bi-fuel ( Natural gas or gasoline) & dual fuel conversions for heavy duty vehicles that offer diesel & natural gas option.


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