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Our Subaru engines have the lowest failure rate because most of our Subaru EJ25 engines for Forester, Legacy Outback, Baja and Impreza are remanufactured.


 At Wholesale Japanese Engines INC, all Subaru engines are built at our state-of-the-art machine shop. All Subaru engine cylinder blocks are honed and bored, Cylinder heads are pressure tested and resurfaced, crankshaft is ground and polished & connecting rods are reconditioned. We adhere to strict quality guidelines which is the main reason why our Subaru engines last longer. All Subaru engines are dyno tested after they are assembled.




 Subaru JDM engines imported from Japan: Most JDM Subaru engines don't have EGR and most single overhead cam engines imported from Japan are 2.0 ltr instead of 2.5 ltr for USDM market, we prefer selling rebuilt Subaru engines instead. We offer Japanese EJ22 & EJ20 Turbo dual overhead cam engines for Subaru Impreza whenever they are available.