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Rise in sales of Used Japanese Engines indicates economic recovery !

In 2013 future prospects look better. Automotive manufacturers are reporting steady increase in sales. Sales of Japanese Trucks especially Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan show strong sales figures. This positive outlook has given rise to demand of Japanese Used Motors that are generally imported from Japan. When economy improves, people have more money so there are more people who would repair their vehicle or those who could afford to pay a bit more will buy a New vehicle. Gone are the days when people would source engines from Salvage yards because they are not trustworthy. No Salvage yard will every a test the engine or transmission because they don't care. Their business model is totally different, they spend more time in dismantling rather than testing. These days even dealers and big Auto part stores trust JDM Engines. These Japanese motors are low mileage. They last long because people in Japan barely drive 40,000-50,000 miles. Quality of each motor reflects by testing, it is impossible to find out if it has sludge or if oil pan has metal shavings etc if engine is not test. Automotive reviews have unanimously voted that Japanese Engines are the best low mileage engines and are the best option if one is looking for a good motor.

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