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Toyota Camry Engines from Japan

Toyota has been manufacturing Toyota Camry since 1982. This 4-door sedan has come a long way since then. Camry in Japanese means " Crown" . Toyota always loved using their vehicles associated with the word " Crown" so they have a whole series of models like Corona, Crown, Camry & Toyota Corolla. Camry has been their best seller in USA. Toyota Camry is also famous in Australia and many Asian countries. Camry did well internationally but didn't do so well in Japan. In some South Asian countries Camry is used as executive cars. North American market demanded a larger Camry so since 1991 Camry are larger and broader.


Here is the timeline of all the Camrys ever made. We have also listed Toyota Camry engines that went in these Camrys:


V10 TOYOTA CAMRY 1982-1986: had Diesel  IC & 2C ENGINE & GASOLINE 1S ENGINE.


V20 TOYOTA CAMRY FROM 1986-1990: had 1S , 3SFE 4 CYL GASOLINE ENGINE & 1VZ V6 engine for the first time but in US version Camry had 2VZ ENGINE compared to Japanese 2.0 ltr 1VZ V6 engine.


V30 TOYOTA CAMRY 1990-1994 MODEL: also known as Toyota Vista in Japan had 1S, 3SFE, 5SFE 4 cylinder engines &  1VZ & 3VZ V6 ENGINES.  USA & Australia received a widened version of this Camry.


V40 TOYOTA CAMRY ENGINES FROM 1994-1998: had 3SFE & 5SFE ENGINES. Japanese version also had 1.8 ltr 4SFE ENGINE. Japanese & Australian version also had a 2.2 ltr TURBO DIESEL engine known as TOYOTA 3C-TURBO ENGINE.


XV20 TOYOTA CAMRY 1996-2001 had 3SFE, 5SFE 4 Cylinder engines & V6 1MZ non VVTi engines. This is also called as Toyota Vienta & Diahatsu Altis in some countries.


XV30 TOYOTA CAMRY 2001-2006: Toyota dropped most station wagons from 2001 and replaced it with Toyota Highlander for these years. In USA Toyota also had a similar looking Toyota Camry Solara. In USA all 2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder engines were 2AZ FE & V6 had 1MZ VVTI engines.


XV40 TOYOTA CAMRY 2006-2011: From 2006 the US version & Japanese versions were totally different, although they had similar 4 cylinder 2AZ FE engines & V6 1MZ VVTI engines. Both Japan & US also had 2AZ FE HYBRID engine which was same as Toyota Highlander. V6 engines for this Toyota Camry was 1MZ VVTI.


If you look at the sales figures of Toyota Camry in USA, each year Toyota has seen growth in sales of Camry. Toyota Camry is the household name in USA. Anyone who sells engines knows very well that they can't survive without Toyota 3SFE, 5SFE, 2AZ, 1MZ VVTI & NON VVTI engines. Toyota Camry motors from Japan are called JDM Toyota Camry engines because they come from Japanese Domestic market.




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I bought a Re-manufactured engine for my 2007 Toyota Camry in Jan 2012, it is still running great !
Comment by rickaisen on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 5:31 PM

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