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1990 - 2001 Toyota Camry engine

Toyota Camry is a famous 4 door Sedan in United States. Although Camry wasn't so popular at home in Japan but it was a big hit in United States. Camry is the best middle class car in USA. This is the reason why Toyota Camry Engines in United States is getting harder to find.


Toyota made 5SFE 2.2 ltr 4 cylinder engine for US version of Camrys & 3SFE for Japanese equivalent Toyota Vista although both engines were same with minor differences in hp.


Toyota made V6 engine for Camry what was same 1MZ all over the world. This is the same engine that fits Lexus ES300, Toyota Solara, Toyota Sienna & also Lexus RX300


Newer Camrys had VVTi versions of 1MZ VVTI that came in 2003 up Camrys, 1998 up Lexus ES300s, 1998 up Lexus RX300 & 2001 up Toyota Higlander.


Toyota Camrys are also fuel efficient sedans. There is a lot of demand for Camry motors in Africa so most engines for Camrys are shipped out from USA to Africa.


The only reliable source for Camry engines is the low mileage ones from Japan because Japanese government doesn't let anyone drive more than 5 years.


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Posted by Admin


I bought Camry 3SFE engine from them. At first I was doubtful that Japanese 2.0 ltr engine will fit but now after 7-8 months my car is running great and my brother bought another Toyota Camry engine from them for 2006 model.
Comment by Kandie on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 6:17 PM

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