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Subaru Outback Engines & Subaru Forester engines

Subaru Outback engines have been our best sellers in 2012. 1996-1999 Subaru Legacy Outback, 1996-1998 Subaru Forester had DOHC EJ25 engine. 2000-2013 Subaru Outback & 1999-2013 Subaru Forester had EJ25 SOHC engine.





We are very proud of our stock of Subaru Outback & Forester engines. Here is some basic information about EJ25 DOHC & SOHC engine.


EJ25 DOHC for 1997-2000 engine achieves 165 hp at 5600 rpm while the 1996 model achieves 155hp at 5600 rpm. Other specs are :


BORE: 99.5MM


COMPRESSION RATE: 9.5:1 - 10.0 : 1 Naturally Aspirated & 8.0 : 1- 9.5 :1 for Turbo motor.

Fuel Delivery: multip point fuel injected.

The Dohc motor also fits Subaru Impreza.

Most Subaru EJ25 Dohc motors we sell have reconditioned Cylinder heads with new valves, valve seals, valve guides / valve stem seals to ensure better performance. We do this because Subaru Heads had a problem with leaking heads.





This engine had the same cylinder head problem. We offer 2 options for this:


for 1999-2001 engines without EGR we offer:


- Japanese EJ20 SOHC replacement : We sell this because this cheaper because actual EJ25 SOHC costs around $1500.


- Actual EJ25 SOHC engine: 90% of the times we sell a Re-manufactured engine unless we have a good used engine.


Subaru EJ20 Sohc engine can't be sold for 2002 & above Subaru Outback, Baja or Subaru Forester models because EJ20 does not have EGR and 2002 up actual EJ25 has EGR valve.


Therefore we have the largest stock of Subaru Outback engines & Subaru Forester engines.



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