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JDM Subaru Engines

JDM Subaru Engines offer good value for money. Let's look at famous Subaru motors available in Japan.


Subaru boxer engines are very famous. 90% of Subaru engines are horizontal 4 cylinder motors that offer great advantage of regular 4 cylinder engine. Let's look at some of the advantages:


Having cylinder heads on opposite sides keeps the vehicle stable by neutralizing the vibration in a very effective way.  This results in smooth operation of the engine and the vehicle. Since Subaru motors never had balance shaft to reduce vibration on the engine effectively, this horizontal setup helps in reducing the vibration & stabalizing the vehicle better than other engines.


Another advantage of Subaru Boxer engines over other type of engines is that it makes the engine more light and compact which permits the engine to be placed lower on the chasis which brings vehicle's centre of gravity down that increases control and maximizes stability. This makes Subaru engines very safe.


These are the reasons why Subaru EJ25 TURBO & EJ20 TURBO engine was given the " Best Engine of the Year " award.




EJ series of engines was introduced in 1989.


Lets look at some of the pouplar EJ engines that are higly in demand in United States.


EJ25 DOHC that has around 165-320 hp that fits in Subaru Legacy Outback from 1996 - 2000 Subaru Outback & Subaru Impreza. Subaru Forester had EJ25 DOHC engine till 1999 only.


EJ25 SOHC this engine is getting very difficlt to find and because demand exceeds supply, the price for this engine is sky rocketing. All Subaru models Subaru Outback 2001-2012,  Subaru Forester from 2000-2012 & Subaru Baja from 2003- 2012 have this engine. Although 2006 up engines had AVCS which works as a VVTI


( Variable valve timing ) like in Toyota. Average market price of 2000-2005 model EJ25 SOHC engines in the market at salvage yards is around$1600 and for 2006 up engines is around $2000 and above. There is a big shortage of Subaru Motors in the US market.


JDM Subaru engines have proved to live up to the test. Due to strict transportation laws and conducive circumstances in japan, these engines that come from Japanese Domestic market have really low mileage and give good value for money.


We recommend buying low mileage JDM Subaru Motors as they last long, even if it costs marginally higher.


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Posted by Admin


I love your Subaru engines. I bought 2 EJ25 sohc remanufactured ones for 2 of my customers 2 months back. He is really happy.
Comment by rick on Thursday, October 11, 2012 11:07 AM

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