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Japanse Mini Truck Engines- We are the only distributors for these in the USA !

Japanese Mini Trucks are cute little utility trucks that were allowed to be imported from 2004-2008 in United States. Their are over a 2 million of these trucks in United States and Canada. These trucks have little 3 cylinder 660 engines. 1990-97 models generally have carburetted engines and 1998 up have fuel injected engines. Most of these were sold in United States for farming, big warehouses, ranches, agriculture and off road purposes, they are also being used in the U.S in big car lots, salvage yards and schools. These trucks have a cabin, some have A/C but all have heaters and they look and feel great. All these trucks are 4wd and have manual transmission.

The problem is since these trucks are only available in Japan there are no parts available for these in United States. Engines & Transmissions are hard to find. The most famous models that were imported in United States were: DIAHATSU HIJET, SUZUKI CARRY, HONDA ACTY & SUBARU SAMBAR. These trucks have become very popular over the years but apparently EPA does not allow import of these trucks.

The good news is that we carry the whole line of Japanese Mini Truck Engines. Engines & Transmissions for Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty, Diahatsu Hijet & Subaur Sambar are all available in stock.



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Posted by Admin


Dear Staff, I have my Japanese used car dealer''s license and have exported a lot of mini trucks to Canada. I would love to export to America as well. Can you put me in touch with anyone who might be interested in direct import? Do importers have to get the EPA certificate themselves? Is it possible for anyone to go thru the process? Any information you can give me will be most appreciated. Thanks, Scott
Comment by Scott Bower on Sunday, September 23, 2012 6:09 PM
The japanese mini trucks are still being imported to the U.S. by the hundreds. They do require EPA certification prior to reaching a US port or they will not be allowed into the US. One requirement of the EPA is that they be restricted to 25 mph and imported only as off road vehicles. Although many states are allowing them to travel on most roads, excluding freeways and most large cities. The states that have their head on straight allow them to go 45 mph. They get 40-50 mpg and the EPA has a problem with that???
Comment by Phil on Saturday, June 29, 2013 9:22 AM

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