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Japanese Import Engines Rock !

This is the truth. Japanese import engines are the best solution to buy a working engine for your vehicle. Low mileage + fully tested + 6 months safe can it get !! It is very difficult to accomplish this task because finding the right quantity to supply the whole US market is very difficult. There are many unfavorable factors, for example US dollar Exchange rate to Japanese Yen has drastically fluctuating. Yen is becoming stronger by the day, making these Japanese Import motors more expensive. Our culture in the U.S and busy lifestyle, long commutes, rash driving etc increases the wear and tear on the motor.

Therefore guys, grab the engine that you find if it is what if it is a bit $100-200 expensive because most of the models are hard to come by. You should just check how long the vendor has been in business. 99% people are not direct importers, they are just franchises. Some test and some don't. Once you have this squared away then you can decide whom to go with. Ships from Japan go directly to Houston & Miami so importers in places apart from these places will have higher prices or quite likely will have junk yard engines only. JDM quality speaks for itself. If you are a shop, it will take just one purchase for you to find out how good the vendor is.

Japanese Engines have the lowest falure rate so if they give good value for money price should not be the issue because Japanese import engines just...rock !!


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