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Japanese Engines in Los Angeles, California

There are very few importers in this country and only 1 or 2 who have their own office in Japan. Rest all are franchises. We will have a new franchise in Los Angeles, California from Sept 15th, 2012 to facilitate distribution of Japanese Engines in the state of California. We have our own office in Osaka, Japan and it is hard for anyone to beat our price. We have a nationwide distribution chain of Japanese Engines, Honda Engines & Toyota engines. All California based customers, especially in Los Angeles can now get their engines faster from us.

We have been a trust worthy supplier of low mileage Japanese Motors for over a decade. Now distribution is even easier through our nationwide chain of franchises. So Los Angeles we are coming ! We stock more so we never run out of stock at all. Since our aim is to supply the whole nation we try our level best to make distribution smooth.


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need engine for 02 altima 4 cyl. automatic
Comment by ruben on Monday, June 24, 2013 6:57 PM

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