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Japanese engines from Japan

Everyone is now buying low mileage Japanese-engines these days because Junk Yards in USA don't have any good engines. No Salvage yard in the U.S will every test their engines. Engines come out from crashed cars so most engines have block cracked, mounts broken, oil pump smashed or brackets of Air Condition compressor, Alternator or Power steering pump is broken. Most people rely on visual inspection of the engine at junk yard before buying but 50% of the times visual inspection is totally deceptive. Even if one starts the vehicle to see if the engine runs, it is not enough because a four cylinder engine can have one or two cylinders which have bad compression which goes unnoticed even if the motor is running. Actual Compression test is required to find out health of the cylinders. One must keep in mind one logic i.e if you need an engine for 1994 Honda Civic, we must count average mileage driven in U.S is around 50,000 miles in a year so after 19 years the car may have 19 x 50,000=950,000 miles. Isn't this scary ? Average mileage driven in US is around 40,000-50,000 miles so anything over 3 years has 80% failure rate if bought from a junk yard in U.S. Why take this risk when we have better options, although these options are limited. The best option is to find a good vendor who has been established for years and is dedicated towards testing every mechanical aspect of the engines and sells Japanese Engines imported from Japan.

We all know Japan has restrictions that force Japanese people to drive just for five years and average mileage driven there is around 15,000 miles each year. Therefore these are considered as safest engines that offer better value for your buck. They last long and are very affordable. Each Japanese motor is fully tested, steam cleaned and professionally packed before shipment. Also they come with six months limited warranty, whereas tired, high mileage, low quality engines from Junk yards offer just 30 days warranty.

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2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 automatic trans need engine only
Comment by ray luttrell on Monday, May 13, 2013 8:55 AM

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