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Availability of Used Japanese Engines

We all know that engines imported from Japan for ACURA, HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, LEXUS, SUBARU, SUZUKI & SCION are better in quality & have lowest mileage but the biggest problem is they are very difficult to come by. There are only one or two importers in this country, rest all are small franchises. There are many disnonest junk yards who misrepresent their junk yard quality to motors as JDM engines, so what should the consumer do ?

In order to help the consumer we recommend taking following steps to ensure they are actually buying Used Japanese engines :

1. Search on Bing for Japanese engines or Used Japanese Engines and you will get a list of importers. The reason why we did not mention Google because a genuine importer's website may not be on top on Google because it is hard to rank on Google organic rankings. Sponsored listings on the side are paid listings which are very expensive.

2. Ask the vendor to prove the engine is from Japan. You can ask him to provide US customs documents to prove this. Many will deny to provide this, you know what to do then.

3.Make sure even if the engine is from Japan it is fully tested. Engine World in Houston is the only one who does that. Engine must be Compression, Leak down & oil pressure tested. It is from Japan but doesn't mean that Japan has a magic wand. Check how long the vendor has been in business.

4. Make sure Engine comes with minimum 6 months warranty. 99% of the franchises who are not  importers sell with 30 days or 90 days warranty because they don't test and do not have confidence in their motors. You should buy from a direct importer who gives minimum 6 months warranty. These big importers have customer service department. Most engine businesses & Junk yards don't have any customer service department.

All these measures will help you get better value for money. In the end you get what you pay for ! If you remember and follow above suggestions your engine will last longer and will provide a greater bang for your money spent. Good luck in your search !


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