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Are Japanese Engines really low mileage ?

Engines run your vehicle and without an engine your vehicle has no value. If the engine or transmission of your vehicle breaks down the car loses its value until it is fixed. This leaves you with 2 options; either buy a new vehicle and get rid of the one that has bad motor or buy a new engine. As far as cost effectiveness is concerned the least out-of-pocket expense is when you buy a good used engine for your vehicle...provided you find one. Another engine plus installation may cost you around $2000 but another vehicle with decent mileage around 40,000-50,000 will cost you over and above $7000. So one thing is clear that least out-of-pocket expense is in buying another motor.

Now lets look at our culture on the road. In the U.S everyone drives around 40-50k each year so a 2000 model vehicle will have more than 200,000 miles...logically speaking. In Japan the story is totally different. Japanese people have no option but to resort to another vehicle because transportation laws are so expensive that registration becomes costly due to shaken inspection fee etc as the car becomes older. It is cheaper to commute in subways, bullet trains and other public transport in Japan because Japan is very well connected so it makes sense to go to work using public transport. This is the reason why Japanese shun their vehicles on weekdays and drive mostly on weekends. Also parking is so expensive in Japan. One needs to have a parking permit before buying a new car in Japan. All this forces Japanese people to get rid of their vehicles withing 4-5 years. In Japan their are no salvage yards but Government controlled exporters who can export complete used vehicles and also parts.

These are the reasons that make Japanese Engines imported from Japan the best Used Engines in the world because they are driven less, well kept and proves to give better value than high mileage Junk yard engines from United States. Therefore Japanese Motors are the best bet if you want your vehicle back on the road.


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Posted by Admin


Very true. Last year I bought an engine from you guys for my Honda Civic. It is still on the road man !
Comment by richard on Saturday, September 22, 2012 4:50 AM

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