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Used Honda Motors

Used Honda Motors

These days it is difficult to find highly sought after Used Honda Motors because of high demand and low availability. We have been importing  good quality, low mileage and tested Used Honda Motors from Japan for last 15 years. We have our own strong network of suppliers in Japan as we have our own head office in Japan. Each engine is tested twice, once in Japan before it is pulled from the vehicle and once before it is actually shipped to our customers in United States. We have very high standards as far as quality is concerned. Our Used Honda engines are nowhere near high mileage junk yard motors. We also carry a huge stock of about 2000 Honda motors because our team in Japan works really hard. Our team works constantly to collect the best and highest quality Honda motors. This is the reason why we have over 50% of our customer base who are repeat customers. Honda & Toyota engines are highly in demand and no vendor can survive without having ample stock of these engines. We are working hard in 2013 to keep our shelves fully stocked. We are constantly rebuilding hard to find engines, especially the older models like 90-93 Honda Accord, 89-92 Honda Prelude B20A5 dohc engine etc. We have a auto repair shops around United States and Canada who have been buying from us for over 5 years and they wouldn't buy if we compromised on quality.

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We have been buying from them for last 7 yrs and never had a problem ! I will always recommend them !
Comment by honda tech on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 9:59 AM

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