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Low mileage Used Honda engines

We all know that Honda is the number one brand for middle class families in USA. Honda's sales figures are 7% higher than 2011. This means there will be more people looking for low mileage Used Honda Engines. Honda Motors are highly sought after. You will rarely see any junk yard in United States having a stock load of these Honda motors. We all know the basic formula, scarcity leads to increase in demand which in turn increases the selling price. This is the trend now. Most vendors in USA who sell engines complain of depleted inventory of Used Honda Motors. The only solution is to get the ones imported from Japan but the issue is that there are less people doing this business because this business requires huge inventory, thus greater requirement for capital. There are very few companies who have the holding capacity because of limited capital availabiltiy.


We are very well placed. We have our own head office in Japan, we have the expertise and the know-how to deliver because we have been so long in business. We have our team in Japan carefully selecting motors for us. We can meet the growing demand for these Honda Motors because of our strong network of suppliers in Japan. We also have greater holding capacity and the largest stock to meet the needs of our customers in United States. We also export our excess inventory to other countries from United States. This gives us so many options to generate sales when sales are slow in the U.S.


Our quality is unbeatable because we have been applying the same testing procedures for last 10 years to increase customer confidence. Therefore we are ready for 2013 and no challange is big for us. We are continuing to increase our engine rebuilding business to step up production and availability of hard to find engines & Transmissions.

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I would like a price for a low mileage motor for a 1990 honda accord lx sedan, stickshift,
Comment by sherri on Saturday, March 9, 2013 7:46 PM

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