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JDM Honda Engines

Honda was formerly famous for making motorcycles but by 2001 Honda became worlds 2nd largest vehicle manufacturer. Honda was the first Japanese automaker to start a luxury brand  in 1980s, which is Acura. Honda's prowess in manufacturing engines has really helped them grow their business. Apart from Honda vehicles they also manufacture garden equipment, motorcycles, marien engines, generators and they have been involved with GE to make Honda Aero engines. Honda is all set to launch Honda Jet in late 2012. Honda has a dedicated research department. Honda is also involved in robotics. The made ASIMO robot in 2000. Their ability make engines has helped them make environmentally friendly and high performing engines for all their models.


It was dream of " Sochiro Honda ", founder of Honda to manufacture automobiles. He started as a mechanic at a local repair shop in Japan.


Honda Civic & Honda Accord are the oldest models of Honda since 1972. These two models are house hold names all around the world.


Here is a list of famous Honda Civic engines ZC, D16A, D15B, B16A, K20A, D17A, K20A. Sohc Vtec & DOHC Vtec engines are very famous due to high hp.


Here is a list of Honda Accord engines ES, A20A, B20A, F22A, F22B Vtec & non vtec, F23A, J30A, K24A, J35A.


Honda also has great Hybrid vehicles like Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid. Some of the famous Honda Hybrid engines are ECA 1.0 ltr engine for Honda Insight, LDA Hybrid engine for Honda Civic & J35A Hybrid engine for Odyssey.


In short Honda is mastered the art of engines. They make the best engines in the world.


In USA there is a shortage of good  JDM Honda Engines. Low mileage used engines only come from Japan due to strict transportation laws as Junk yards USA don't carry low mileage & tested engines.



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I bought a Honda engine from you guys for my 05 Honda Civic in Feb, still running great. Thanks guys !
Comment by jerry on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 6:20 PM

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