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Toyota Tacoma 05-08 2.7 LTR Replacement Engine

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  • B20B, Acura, ACURA INTEGRA
    Disp :2
    Year :1994-2001
Honda B20B Japanese replacement engine for Acura Integra.


    Disp :1.8
    Year :2000-2004
Toyota 1ZZ FE JDM engine for Toyota Celica GT & Toyota Corolla for sale.


  • 2AZ FE, Toyota, TOYOTA CAMRY
    Toyota, TOYOTA CAMRY
    Disp :2.4
    Year :2003-2009
This is our most famous Japanese rebuilt engine for Toyota Camry, Highlander & Scion Tc.


  • K24A, Honda, HONDA CRV
    Honda, HONDA CRV
    Disp :2.4
    Year :2002-2006
Honda K24A JDM engine for 2002-2007 Honda CRV & Honda Element.


  • D15B, Honda, HONDA CIVIC
    Honda, HONDA CIVIC
    Disp :1.5
    Year :1996-1998
Honda D15B Vtec Japanaese engine replacement for USDM D16Y8 engine for EX & HX grade Honda Civic.
Japanese Engines
Japanese engines in stock
Posted onThursday, January 24, 2013 11:02 AM by admin
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Used Japanese Engine
Posted onWednesday, January 16, 2013 2:17 PM by admin

Used Japanese Engine

Your  vehicle has no value without an engine. Engine is the driving force of any vehicle. Finding the right engine is the biggest problem if your engine breaks down. If salvage yards have high mileage engines then there are very few options available for anyone. Re-manufactured engines are very expensive and there are very few out there who sell rebuilt engines. Rebuilt engines can be deceptive because there are many shops who just change the head gasket and call it Re-conditioned. People misunderstand Re-condition for rebuilt and pay a premium price for it because they don't realize that it is a repaired engine and just has new head gasket. Engine which are quick fixed will never last long because they are repaired engines.

We also sell Re-manufactured engines. You can find sample rebuilt engines  on our website. Our rebuilt engines are meticulously re-manufactured. We buy our Engine components directly from our factory. Honda is our top selling brand apart from Toyota but Used Japanese engine for most Hondas we carry are used because we can find them, low mileage in Japan. We rebuild only those motors that are difficult to find.

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