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JDM Honda S2000 F20C rebuilt e
JDM Honda S2000 F20C rebuilt engine
  • Manufacturer :Honda
  • Engine Displacement :2
  • Model :HONDA S2000
  • Engine Name :F20C
  • Year :1992

Rebuilt Honda S2000 F20C engine for sale.

Honda S2000 engines are very difficult to find. We generally sell Rebuilt S2000 engine for Honda S2000. We generally put a new crankshaft to build these motors because most of the cores we get have bad crankshaft. Just the Crankshaft runs around $1500 from the dealer. We sell Rebuilt Honda S2000 engines for around $3700 with core deposit. Call us for a fully rebuilt Honda S2000 motors. We are very proud of our stock !

Our S2000 motors are rebuilt from top to bottom with new Piston rings, main & rod bearings. Head is machined & block is honed before shipment.