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Rebuilt Honda Passport 6VD1 en
JDM Honda 6VD1 rebuilt engine for Passport
  • Manufacturer :Honda
  • Engine Displacement :3.2
  • Engine Name :6VD1
  • Year :96-98

We offer rebuilt Honda Passport 6VD1 Japanese engine.

Honda Passport engines are similar to Isuzu Rodeo engines. These are 6VD1 engines that are same as Isuzu Rodeo engines. Honda Passport engines are 3.2 ltr V6 engines. Most of these engines had cylinder head gasket problem therefore we don''t recommend anyone to buy junk yard motors for Honda Passport. Our engines for Honda Passport are low mileage and are fully tested. We carry the whole range of Used Honda Passport engines from 1990-2001. We generally Rebuild 1992-95 model SOHC 6VD1 engine for older models because they are old and we don''t feel comfortable selling these used. Call us for Honda Passport motors, we have plenty in stock.